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THIRU AVINANKUDI TEMPLE : The Temple is about 2000 years old. Nakkirar in his Thirumurugattrupadai has praised this Sthals as third Padai veedu. The holy tree of this Sthala is Amlaka. Velavi Koman, a feudatory chief was the ruler in the Sangam period. The classical Ahananooru speaks very highly of him. Vakisa Kalanidhi K.V.Jagannadan has opined that Podini must have been changed in to Palani and how apt it is.

PERIYA NAYAGI AMMAN TEMPLE : Important temple going by the name of town temple, dedicated to Mother Periya Nayaki Amman, the local name for Parvathimatha, the august goddess of that illustrious Son Muruga. The temple is quite big and build in the south Indian architectural pattern. There are many mini shrines for Saivate Gods, like Muthukumaraswamy, Nataraja, Vinayaka etc.

PERU UDAYAR TEMPLE : Peru-Udayar (called Periya Avudayar Kovil) is by far the most important and deserves special mention. Located near the railway line on the banks of the shanmuga Nadi in sylvan setting, it is about four kilometres from the bus-stand reached by two stages, by buses going on the Old Dharapuram road for three kilometres and by walking one kilometre from the arch on that road. It is convenient to go by a taxi or auto rickshaw and alight at the doors of the temple.

LAXMI NARAYANA PERUMAL TEMPLE : Proceeding along the west street, a east facing temple a Deepasthamba and a stone mandapam indicates to us the presence of a shrine. The entrance has pials and in the interior, a brass flagstaff, balipeetam and Garudan are seen near the Maha Mandapa. this Vishnu temple is under the control of Palani Temple, Nagas, Garuda, Car sheds, etc,.

IDUMBAN HILL TEMPLE : This has a long legend and takes us to the time of Agasthya's penance here. The great Saga drawn by the sequestered sublimity of this region chose it for penance during his southern trip. After completing it satisfactorily, he dedicated to move further south words. Realizing the sanctity and sublimity hovering over these two hills, he then bade his mighty demon assistant to carry them popularly known as Sivagiri and Sakthigiri tying them onto a Kavadi. He obeyed.

MARIAMMANTEMPLE : If we pass some houses we can come to the most powerful Mariamman. The prosperity of this Devi incrased with the prosperity of the Palauakars. Palayakars were lords of small tracts, and Mariamman was their goddess of boundary. Naturally they propitiated her to get her grace.


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